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"@Michael5SOS: No matter how much people can suck sometimes, the best part is I’m genuinely happy, and nothing can change that"
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Ashton shared his jelly beans with fans today he is such a ball of sunshine 


Requested : Yes

  • Can you right some smut where Michael and another member of your choice are teachers and they decide to teach you a lesson after class together in a threesome?
  • more Michael stuff please!!

Rating : R

Word count : 2 295

Story line : Threesome with Mr. Irwin & Mr. Clifford)

You were carefully listening to every word that came out of Mr. Clifford’s mouth; neatly writing down every piece of information that sounded important to you. You were trying not to get distracted by the indefinable color of his eyes, nor the way his pink lips curled up each time he looked at you … They seemed so soft, so … Kissable. You shook your head and brought your attention back to what he was writing on the board, making sure to copy it on your notebook.

You were a straight-A student and you fooled a lot of people into thinking that you were the typical good girl. The truth was slightly different though; you understood from a very young age that being brilliant in school would help you gain your parent’s thrust as long as your freedom. You were the kind of girl that didn’t really need to study for hours to get the best grades; so you quickly learned your lessons and then made sure to have a good time with your friends after that. You also grew to learn that listening in class could really make a difference so you made that effort, knowing that while you did that, you were also saving time for yourself.

The rest of the lesson went on rather quickly and you started to store all of your stuffs in your bag as soon as the bell rang. “Mrs. (Y/L/N)?” you heard Mr. Clifford’s voice call from his desk; you lifted your head up and smiled at him as his eyes looked directly into yours; “Yes?” you answered, trying not to show how weak they made you and a smile appeared on his face once again. “Mr. Irwin and I would like to have a word with you, if that’s okay. He’ll be here shortly” he announced; “Of course” you politely answered as you closed your bag and made your way over to the desk.

You were used to this kind of situation; you were a member of many clubs; you tutored a few students and teachers would always ask you to stay after class to make sure it all went well, or sometimes even to thank you. You were a little bit nervous this time though, as the two teachers who wanted to talk to you were actually the most attractive men of the entire school, students included.

Mr. Irwin came in a few minutes later; just when the silence between Mr. Clifford and you as well as his little smirk, started to become awkward. “Hello, Mrs. (Y/L/N)” he greeted before throwing his suitcase somewhere in the room and walking over to the two of you, giving the other teacher a smile that you did not understand. “Hum… Hello” you shyly answered, your cheeks heating up as you tried to remember how to breathe; they shared a knowing look and Mr. Clifford turned to you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Alright so we have to admit we are both quite overawed with you, (Y/N)” he started, calling you by your first name for the first time; you smiled, thinking that they were going to congratulate you on your grades or something. “The way you act all good and innocent is really impressive when we actually know you are anything but a good girl” he continued as your jaw dropped; “excuse me?” you asked, outraged at what the attractive man in front of you was saying.

Mr. Irwin laughed slightly before looking at you dead in the eyes; “there’s really no need to pretend you don’t know what we’re talking about, sweetie… Actually, you know your role so well that we still didn’t know, up to a few days ago; what really runs in that pretty little head of yours” he informed you as Mr. Clifford smirked.

You opened your mouth and closed it immediately as you realized how dry it was; you had no idea what was happening and you didn’t know where all of this was going; and it was very unusual for you to not have control over the situation. “What happened is that I went to the local shop just down the street the other day; and I happened to be queuing just behind you … You were on the phone and didn’t notice me, as I believe you were having a really, really interesting conversation with one of your friend… You were buying alcohol as well, and a lot of it.” He explained as the memory of that night came back to your mind. You took a step back and brought you hand to your mouth as it opened widely.

Now it was making sense: you were on the phone with your best friend; who happens to go to a different school and you were talking about them, both. You were telling her how you sometimes got yourself off over the thought of them fucking you senseless on a desk, carelessly giving her a really detailed account of what you’d like them to do to you.

You shut your eyes and tried to figure out a way to get out of this situation; you really didn’t know what was going to happen now that two of your teachers knew that you sexually fantasized over them… Were they going to expulse you? Send you to prison? Embarrass you in front of the whole school? You couldn’t think straight and when you finally lifted your head to look at them with pleading eyes; they were both wearing very amused grins.

“We both thought that was very rude, and as your teachers, we thought it was our duty to teach you a lesson, don’t you think?” Mr. Irwin cheekily said before taking a step toward you, forcing you to back up against the wall as you tried to put some distance between him and you. And then it suddenly struck you: their smirks, their lustful eyes, the way they didn’t seem shocked at all, their amused tone … They wanted it too, both of them.

“You’re going to be calling for us a lot; so it’s going to be easier if you call us by our first names, right? I’m Ashton, and he’s Michael; and we’re just about to have a really, really good time” he said as his left eye dropped into a wink. You smiled shyly as he took another step toward you, trapping you into the wall as his hands found your hips. And suddenly his lips were on yours; pressing tightly against your mouth; the kiss was rough and it was very clear that he was dominating you here.

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I wish I could tell Luke how fucking gorgeous he is and not just because I want him to have confidence enough to take his shirt off in public, but you know, a little because of that too. doesn’t he have a mirror? kid is so fucking beautiful it’s painful.