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Twitter: hemmo__1996

  • Luke: Is that Dave Grohl?
  • Ashton: No way! I love the Foo Fighters man!!
  • Calum:
  • Luke: Would it be weird if we got a picture with him?
  • Luke: Okay let's go try to meet him. This is so cool!
  • Calum: Let's play it cool guys it's Dave Grohl! I'm so excited! Is this really happening?
  • Dave Grohl:
  • Ashton: I'm your biggest fan ever wow this is such an amazing oppurtunity wow I wow
  • Calum: *eyes get really big and starts to sweat, looks like he's close to passing out*
  • Luke: I am also a big fan wow
  • Calum:
  • Dave Grohl: *looks at Calum*
  • Calum:
  • Dave Grohl: Do you want to get a picture?
  • Ashton: HELL YES!
  • Luke: Michael's going to be so jealous
  • Calum:
"Fastest way to dry ya hair, put on some heavy metal and head bang for 5 minutes"
- Ashton’s tweet (via 5secondsofsummer-fanpage)